DJ Valéry Salsa


You may have guessed that DJ Valéry is coming to us all the way from Paris, France.
DJ Valéry is one of the amazing resident DJs of the Salsa O’Sulli event, where all the best dancers in town and from other countries gather to have some fun, every Sunday evening in the pub right next to the landmark Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris. DJ Valéry is also the organizer of the Paris Salsa MarathON2 event. We’re grateful for all his advice and guidance to us for this first Afro Latin dance marathon in Chicago, the Chi Dance Marathon.

Coming Specially from Europe, One of the Major Salsa Mambo DJs on the Dance Scene in Paris,
DJ Valéry Salsa, Paris, France 🇫🇷

All Sessions by DJ Valéry Salsa at Chicago Bachata Marathon

All Sessions by DJ Valéry Salsa at Chicago Salsa Marathon