Nery Garcia


Follows are not the only ones who appreciate the unique elegant social dancing style of Nery Garcia around the world. Dozen of thousands of leads follow Nery for the same reasons. Come dance with Nery in Chicago at the Chi Dance Marathon!
Book your tickets and hotel room with a discount here now! The price will increase again soon. The number of participants is intentionally very limited to preserve a quality experience.
There will not be any performance during the Chi Dance Marathon. We selected one couple and two professional artists for their particular love for social dancing. Each one of them will host in Chicago a 2-hour masterclass focused on social dancing. You may book a 50-minutes private lesson with them too. They could also answer your specific question or give you a tip in the ballroom. Please note the conditional and the singular of the previous sentence. 😊

Confirmed Unique Salsa Guest Artist: the wonderful, elegant, and smooth Salsa social dancing specialist,
Nery Garcia, Fort Myer, FL 🇺🇸

All Sessions by Nery Garcia at Chicago Bachata Marathon

All Sessions by Nery Garcia at Chicago Salsa Marathon